The transition to the Future of Work is well in progress:


need to understand what’s ahead, prepare and adapt.


need to get proactive and manage their jobs and careers.

We can help you transition.




on the Future of Work, and apply a unique strategic, entrepreneurial and data-rich approach, combined with a strong grounding in finance.


to facilitating the successful transition of your business or career within the redefined working environment and on your terms.


77% of the U.S. workforce is actively disengaged or not engaged in their work. What does that mean about the decisions and actions they take at work?

Nearly 60% of Millennials will pick a job with strong potential over one with regular pay raises. Do you provide good career planning for Millennials?

Close to 80% of US workers say flex is very important when considering a new job. Do you leverage flex policies to attract talent?

Read studies which anticipate the significant changes ahead.



Sophie Wade – Founder, Future of Work Strategist & Practitioner.

Sophie has unique expertise regarding the Future of Work, having been closely following different aspects of its evolution since 2010. Flexcel Network leverages Sophie's strengths in strategy, analysis and finance to help businesses prioritize and adapt to the challenges. Sophie also utilizes much experience advocating for and facilitating flexible careers through her work building Flexcel.

Sophie has lived and worked in Asia, Europe and the U.S. for companies such as IMG in the U.S., Cable & Wireless in Europe and Hutchison Whampoa in Hong Kong. Her focus has been assisting major corporations and entrepreneurs identify, develop and execute strategic initiatives, build teams and ventures and create partnerships.

Sophie writes and speaks regularly about the Future of Work, career transitioning, portfolio careers, flexible working as well as entrepreneurship. Please check the list of upcoming events where Sophie Wade will be speaking about these topics.

Sophie has a BA from Oxford University and an MBA from INSEAD. Sophie serves on the Presidents’ Assembly Steering Committee of the National Association of Women Business Owners